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16 - 19 September 2015





  • Le Val d'Argent (Alsace, France)
  • Marie Curie, Gabi Fischer (DE), Radiation – Détail – Photo : Céline Lachkar
  • Radio ginette, Olivia Uffer (CH), Au fil des maisons – Détail – Photo : Céline Lachkar
  • Show Quilt Log Cabin Pineapple, Collection Charles-Edouard de Broin, France Patchwork - Détail – Photo : Céline Lachkar
  • Le mouvement amish a été fondé à Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines en 1693 par Jacob Amann. C'est une communauté réputée pour son style de vie très austère, qui a donné ses lettres de noblesse à un art textile particulier : le quilt amish.
  • Spring A sense of living our lives I II III IV V, Bettina Andersen (DK) - Détail – Photo : Céline Lachkar

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WELCOME TO THE European Patchwork Meeting,
Since 1994 the meeting place for all patchwork enthusiasts!

Since 1994 EPM has had the pleasure to welcome, each year, visitors from all over the world. Since its very first year it has become, the not-to-be-missed quilting show for all patchwork and quilting enthusiasts over the world.

The EPM story starts in 1993 when the French Association of the Anabaptist and Mennonite History decides to celebrate in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines the 300th anniversary of the birth of the Amish movement. It turned out to be a real revelation: 18 TV channels from all over the world cover the event and 5 000 visitors attended it, bewitched by the Swiss collector Jacques Légeret's Amish quilts.

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