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18 - 21 September 2014 20 years !- 16 days

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Programme en ligne !
Reiko Watanabe (JP), “Kabuki Dolls from Home”

Reiko Watanabe (JP), “Kabuki Dolls from Home”

Helen Conway, (UK), “Graffiti 1”

Helen Conway, (UK), “Graffiti 1”

Shoshi Rimer (IL), “Time Servant”

Shoshi Rimer (IL), “Time Servant”

Anne Woringer (FR), “Envol”, Photo : Bruno Jarret

Anne Woringer (FR), “Envol”, Photo : Bruno Jarret

Le mouvement amish a été fondé à Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines en 1693 par Jacob Amann.

C'est une communauté réputée pour son style de vie très austère, qui a donné ses lettres de noblesse à un art textile particulier : le quilt amish.

Le Val d'Argent

Le sous-sol du Val d'Argent compte plusieurs failles où se sont concentrées des matières minérales qui ont été exploitées à partir du xe siècle par l'homme :
argent cobalt, plombs, arsenic, cuivre… L'exploitation des mines a profondément marqué l'histoire de la vallée.

What's new ?

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Mini workshop JHIA (Japan Handicrafts Instructor’s Association)

ERRATUM : JHIA mini workshop at the Villa Burrus will take place on Friday Septembre 19th (11 am – 3 pm) instead of Thursday the 18th as previously scheduled

The Japan Handicraft Instructor’s Association will be putting together for you its mini workshop at the “Villa Burrus”; you will also discover the exhibition “Japanese Sensibility II”.

To participate to the workshops, note that a 10 € fee will be required.

Villa Burrus, Sainte-Croix-aux-Mines.

Caption : Mini-workshop JHIA

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Free demonstrations of plant dyes

We will also propose in partnership with the “Associazione Colore e Tintura Naturale- M.E.Salis (IT) and Arts and Crafts show Abilmente of Vicenza (IT), free demonstrations of plant dyes and fabric embellishments made with natural dyes. You will then have the opportunity to find out how to make with plants a large range of deep and soft colors, bright and brilliant, such as the blue indigo, yellow ochre, the green of the nerprun’s bays, the orange of the cosmos flowers and the blueberry purple.

The fabrics have been made so they can be printed with a brush or wooden blocks with natural dyes, such as those used on antic Indian printed fabrics. They can also be dyed in color baths after they have been manipulated using ties, folds and pressure points according to the traditional technique used to embellish the kimono fabrics, the shibori.

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A new strong trend in the art of “quilting”?

It seems to us that there is, in parallel with the traditional hand quilting, the beginning in France of an interest for machine quilting and especially for long arms machines. Sue Patten’s classes are all sold out and Sophie Furbeyre’s classes are nearly full; A proof that this a new and strong tendency.

Even if you are not registered in any of these classes, please go to the Val d’Expo’s Commercial area in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines and discover these long arm machines (stand n°G50)

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WELCOME TO THE European Patchwork Meeting,
For 20 years, the meeting place for all patchwork enthusiasts !

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It has been for 20 years already that the EPM has had the pleasure to welcome, each year, visitors from all over the world. Its first edition happened in 1994 and since then this internationally renowned event has become over the years, the not-to-be-missed fair for all patchwork enthusiasts.

The EPM story starts in 1993 when the French Association of the Anabaptist and Mennonite History decides to celebrate in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines the 300th anniversary of the birth of the Amish movement.

It turned out to be a real revelation: 18 TV channels from all over the world cover the event and 5 000 visitors attended it, bewitched by the Swiss collector Jacques Légeret's Amish quilts. Following the success of this event, it was decided to organize a yearly event.

Since then, the Val d'Argent has opened its most beautiful sites which become during 4 days, real art galleries for about thirty exhibitions comprising more than 1000 textile artworks, giving thus a very good feeling about todays and yesterday's patchwork and quilting.

It is a total immersion in a very special world where visitors can participate in classes, guided exhibition tours and enjoy a shopping area entirely dedicated to patchwork !


For its 20th year anniversary and to thank you for your loyalty and support, the EPM is preparing some very nice surprises just for you !

You will be able to meet again most of the artists who participated in the EPM during the last 20 years and who agreed to lend us one of their older works and a more recent one: a wonderful opportunity to witness an artist's evolution over time and to share ideas with them (most of them promised they would attend !)

An exhibition of more than 180 patchworks will await you in a new venue: the “Parc Minier”-Tellure_-Mine d'Argent (silver mine) and two shuttles will be at your disposal free of charge the whole day to go from the Theatre in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines to Tellure and back.

- Amish quilts will have a place of honor in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines' Theatre with Jacques Légeret's fantastic collection.

- To celebrate our 20 year anniversary we are planning to publish a PRESTIGE COLLECTOR CATALOGUE completely redesigned and to make an elegant SOUVENIR BAG.

- Another must : a spectacular show given twice each day which will set the mood for the 4 day celebration !

It is thus with a lot of expectation and enthusiasm that we are inviting you to celebrate with us our 20 year anniversary !

In the mean-time don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter !

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